Nerds Heart YA

12 Jun

Starting in 2009, YA book bloggers have been hosting, participating and reading for the Nerds Heart YA competition.  With the goal of showcasing books that might not have received as much publicity as deserved, the competition is set up bracket-style, with bloggers deciding which books move on in the tournament.  This year’s competition contains a shortlist of books that were published in 2010 and feature one or more of the following criteria:

  • Person(s) of color
  • GLBT
  • Disability
  • Mental illness
  • Religious lifestyle
  • Lower socioeconomic status
  • Plus-size

Nerds Heart YA has already begun by the choosing of judges and the reading of novels set up in the bracket.  Beginning tomorrow, bloggers will begin to post their winning picks.  Check out the daily schedule for the first round here:

13th June This Purple Crayon/Book Addiction
13th June VioletCrush/The Literary Wife
15th June Pineapples & Pyjamas/Book Harbinger
(Edit) 21st June Birdbrain(ed) Book BlogBookworming in the 21st Century
17th June Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic 
17th June Books, Movies and Chinese Food/The Brain Lair
20th June The Wandering Librarians – Arianna/The Wandering Librarians – Anna
20th June We’re not butterflies…/A Backwards Story
22nd June TheReadingZone/Shylock Books
22nd June Early Nerd Special/Snarkymamma
24th June Book Nut
24th June Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Books
27th June the rejectionist
27th June TATAL 
29th June Sunshine and Bones
29th June Stella Matutina

Stay tuned tomorrow for my decision on which book moves on, Stringz or Five Flavors of Dumb. 

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