Recent Reads (Memoirs)

04 May

Thus far this year, I have read quite a few memoirs and have been very satisfied with what they brought to my life.  I want to take some time today to highlight the ones that really hit the mark for me.

Look Me in the Eye: My Life With Asperger’s

by John Elder Robison

One of my best friends works with autistic children every day and the stories she has told me made me interested in the subject of autism and Asperger’s.  This novel reveals so many of the struggles that children and adults have with these syndromes, sometimes in a light, narrative tone, and other times in a deep, introspective tone.  I walked away from this book with my eyes opened to have difficult life might be for Aspergians, thankful for the huge strides that have been made in the psychological field to help them become more socially adept and comfortable in their own skin.

Julie & Julia

by Julie Powell

Watching the movie rendition of this memoir was the inspiration behind my blog, knowing that if Julie could cook 524 recipes in one year and blog about it, I could certainly do the same with 100 great children’s books.  Unfortunately, it took me this long to pick up the actual book!  Snarky and honest from the beginning, I laughed out loud every other page, floored by how many difficulties she came across and how she handed a lot of those events terribly, yet still came out the winner, finishing all the recipes in time and having a greater self-esteem because of it.

Another Place at the Table

by Kathy Harrison

A foster mother for over 10 years and a biological mother to three boys, Kathy Harrison is more than qualified to share her experience of bringing child after child into her home, some abused beyond redemption, others that would eventually become a permanent part of her family.  The stories she has to share are heartbreaking, yet the time and effort she spent trying to put these children back together are inspiring.  She is honest about the state of most children in foster care, as well as the needs of the system.  Recommended for anyone wanting to know more about foster care and adoption.

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One response to “Recent Reads (Memoirs)

  1. Adriana

    June 9, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    I have Julie & Julia but there was a moment when reading it that was way too adult for me. I don’t know why she has to reveal some stuff about her past like that. The movie was great though. Meryl Streep as Julia was fantastic!


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