#27 Alice 1 and 2

21 Mar

I am the kind of book nerd/enthusiast that very rarely watches movie adaptations.  It is not because I am pompous or a nonconformist, it is simply because I enjoy books way more than I enjoy movies.  Just ask my husband, who gets so tired of me saying that I’m not in the mood to watch movies.  I am very adamant about at least reading the book before watching the movie adaptation, if I decide to watch it at all.  But when it comes to Alice in Wonderland (book titles Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass), I have to make a major exception.

I first read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (as an adult) last summer, when my husband was taking a Children’s Literature class and was assigned this book.  I read it in a few hours and was baffled by the time I reached the end.  Well, maybe not baffled, but thoroughly confused.  I had no idea what happened.  So I watched the Disney version of the movie and was left giddy by it’s magic and all-around cuteness.  This time around, I read it again, as well as Through the Looking Glass, and was again left confused and rather annoyed that I just didn’t get it.  So the aforementioned hubby and I watched the new version of the movie and just fell in love with it.  I must insert a disclaimer that I think the new version strays a bit from the books and might have left a bitter taste in some readers’ mouths, but I utterly enjoyed it.

I find it embarrassing to admit, but I will never again read or recommend these books.  Maybe it’s because I’m bitter from not understanding the concepts, or maybe it’s because I don’t necessarily care for fantasy books, but either way, this experience has left me sad.  The end.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Through the Looking-Glass

by Lewis Carroll

Originally published in 1865/1872

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