#49 Frindle

27 Dec

I looooooooooooooooo Andrew Clements.  Did you catch that?  I really do love Andrew Clements’ writing, with so much gusto it is worth mentioning a few times.  My favorite of his books is The School Story, a novel about a kid that writes a novel and has dreams of getting it published.  Other notable books he has are A Week in the Woods, Frindle (obviously), and The Landry News. The great thing about Clements’ writing is that the kid always wins.  In some way or another, whether it be worldly success or intrinsic benefit, the protagonist comes out on top.  This factor is critical in children’s books, absolutely critical to the child enjoying the novel.  No ten-year-old wants to read about another ten-year-old who had to rely completely on his parents to solve a problem or achieve success (Hear that, John Grisham!)  In my opinion, this is why Andrew Clements is a stand-out author.  And why I will keep going back for more of his books!


by Andrew Clements

Originally published in 1996


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