Send Harmony to Guatemala

09 Dec

Back in the day, I was quite the traveler.  During my college years, I spent summers in New Brunswick, Quebec, China and southern Mississippi.  Since I graduated and got married, it seems as if my traveling days disappeared, much to my dismay.  So when I heard about Harmony, a fellow book blogger, and her planned trip to Guatemala, I decided it might be fun to live vicariously through her.  Without sharing too many details (because I want you to visit her site), she needs some funding in order to make it happen.  There are links set up on her site to make donations via Paypal or major credit cards. She is also selling homemade candles in various scents in exchange for donations.  If you are interested in the candles, please make sure you place your order by December 15th and be warned that you might have to upgrade your shipping to get them in time for Christmas.

Friends, I value travel and experiencing new cultures so much and am very excited for Harmony to have the chance to experience Guatemala and learn and grow from her experiences.  If you take the same stance as me, please visit her site and give her a little listen and maybe a few dollar bills.

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