#61 Stargirl

30 Nov

Things I love about Stargirl:

  • She dresses funky
  • She enjoys and makes music whenever she wants to
  • She is not afraid to express her love and affection for others
  • She is everything that I wanted to be in high school and college

Stargirl, written by award-winning Jerry Spinelli, emphasizes the beauty of nonconformity and individuality, while also bringing to light the perils of the human need for popularity and acceptance.  Basically, this story needs to be read by every teenager struggling through the difficulties of middle or high school.  In this novel, we meet Stargirl, the teenage epitome of a nonconformist.  At first, she is embraced and admired by her fellow students, but only until her niceties start wearing on them and suddenly she is an outcast, being asked to just be “normal.”  I admit, I cried during the last few chapters of this novel.  Your heart cannot help but be broken for Stargirl and the boy she falls in love with, who is torn between his love for her and his need for acceptance and popularity.  Spinelli’s writing makes it easy to connect with the characters, whether that be the brutal teenage drones that turn on Stargirl, or Stargirl herself.  This novel has earned its spot on the Top 100 list, and hopefully will remain at the top of such lists for years to come.


by Jerry Spinelli

Originally published in 2000

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Posted by on November 30, 2010 in top 100 children's books, YA Books


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