The Literary Wife Visits Chicago

23 Nov

A few short months ago, I received a phone call from my dad asking if my husband and I wanted to join him and my mother on a trip to Chicago.  The only catch was that the trip was intended to be a complete surprise for my mother.  You see, November 9th commemorated their 25th wedding anniversary, and my dad wanted to treat my mother to a nice trip for putting up with him for that long.  Of course, my husband and I accepted, and thus craziness ensued.  If you know me at all, you know that I am absolutely horrible at keeping secrets, so I more or less avoided my mom for a while, in hopes that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to slip and tell her of the great plan.  My mom takes care of the finances in my family, so I had to break out the ol’ credit card to put down a deposit on a hotel, beings that was the only way to pay for it, since my dad would find it quite difficult to get her paws off their cards.  Dad had to secretly request a day off work from her boss.  I had to secretly sneak home with my brother while she was at work, in order to pack her bags.  Yes, my readers, friends, and family, I packed my own mother’s bag for a weekend trip, and only forgot one thing.  It’s okay, you can be impressed.

As the closest airport to us is about 2 hours away, we told my mom earlier in the week that my husband and I were going to treat her and my dad to dinner in the said city with nearest airport.  While she was not happy about having to drive so much on a weekday, she relented and we enjoyed good conversation on our way to “dinner.”    Not even kidding you, guys, she didn’t say a word while we drove in to the airport entrance, got our ticket to enter the economy parking and proceeded to park in economy parking.  We thought there was something wrong because she wasn’t questioning everything we were doing. Turns out she just didn’t want to be rude and ask where exactly we were going to dinner.  So we parked and I got out a tour guide to Chicago and told her that she actually got to pick where we would eat, but it might have to wait until tomorrow.

She. Was. So. Shocked.

Her face was so priceless as she started to tear up and said, “For me?”

Well, yes, Mom, for you.  I think you deserve this small trip for not only putting up with my crazy dad for twenty-five years, but for the decisions you made prior to marriage, namely, choosing to keep me and raise me as your child, rather than give me to another family.  I should say you deserve the chance to pick a restaurant in Chicago for us to eat at together.

And, because I’m sure you want to see pictures of what we did, here they are: (be sure to click on the pictures for more information on the attractions that we visited)

The Literary Husband and I at the top of the Hancock Tower

Our crazy server dancing on the counter at Ed Debevic’s (my favorite restaurant there)

The view of the Chicago skyline from the Shedd Aquarium

My parents posing with a huge anchor on Navy Pier

And, last but not least, my mom reading in the airport (and yes, folks, that is The Hunger Games she is reading)


Posted by on November 23, 2010 in Married Life


3 responses to “The Literary Wife Visits Chicago

  1. Tiffany

    November 29, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Awwwww!!! That is so incredibly sweet & priceless! So glad you were able to ‘fool’ her! What a fun memory & celebration of what they exemplify!

  2. Tif

    December 11, 2010 at 5:50 am

    Wow!!! Seriously awesome!!! I love that you did this and kept it a surprise!!!!


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