Thoughts on Love (4)

20 Nov

As mentioned here, during the month of November, there has been and will be guest posts from my friends and family, with their thoughts on love.  Today, you have the pleasure of hearing from my good friend and former roommate, Larissa.  Larissa is a graduate of Kansas State University and is currently teaching middle school English, heaven help her.  She is also one of six siblings and, in my opinion, knows a little bit about loving well.

“Even as a romantic at heart love for me is a strange thing to think about….because it is so fleeting…it is a feeling that when you experience you know that you just love someone or something.  However, later when thinking about it you can’t recall it quite as strong.  I heard some wisdom one time at a wedding that this doesn’t just apply to marriage but friendship and family relationships. The question or statement was made that the foundation of a strong relationship with someone is not founded on just the feeling you have for them or around them, but a commitment that you make to them or with them. For marriage (I don’t speak from experience, but from observation) you make that commitment publicly with a wedding, a ring.  With friendship it just may mean that you work through problems or arguments and you don’t just walk away when it isn’t easy being friends with someone or when they hurt you. With friendship, it means thinking back to why you are friends in the first place.  It is also about not only thinking about your comfort and security but about the other persons comfort and feelings. When the foundation of a relationship is built on more than a feeling it will last long after that feeling seems to have left the building.”

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One response to “Thoughts on Love (4)

  1. clbeyer

    November 20, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Completely enjoying this love series. It’s inspiring to hear from some of your favorite people! I’d love to hear how you’re experiencing _Redeeming Love_ this time around. It’s been years since I read it. I want to revisit it, but I felt a little swamped this fall.

    My young adult lit challenge is getting lost in the shuffle of life too. Ack! Isaiah’s cruising through Narnia books, which was NOT on the agenda (I wanted to use my time with him to check off 4-yr-old-appropriate books from the top 100 list), but I kind of hate to stop him if that’s what intrigues him.


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