Thoughts On Love (3)

15 Nov

As mentioned here, I am featuring thoughts on love post during the month of November, which is a very important month in my family, as it is the month during which my parents got married, as well the month during which my husband and I got married.  Don’t miss my thoughts on love, as well as my Granny’s thoughts on love.

Today you are privileged to hear from my best friend, Erin, and her take on the concept of being loved.  Among other roles, Erin is a CPA, Kansas State graduate, oldest child and an all-around wonderful human being. I am glad I can share her with you today.

For me, receiving love can be a rough experience at times. Why? Well, that’s because receiving love and encouragement from another person requires me to be vulnerable with them – for them to see me in the midst of all my brokenness. I had one of these moments with a friend recently. In the midst of all my junk and my brokenness, she reminded me of her love for me, not by making some superficial declaration of love, but by listening, encouraging, and pushing me towards what was right and true. Right now, in my life, this is my understanding of love. It’s sacrificial; it’s saying the words that are hard to say, but necessary to build life; it’s reminding our loved ones of truth; it’s all of this and so much more. I’m still in the process of learning what it means to love and be loved.

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One response to “Thoughts On Love (3)

  1. amanda

    November 17, 2010 at 11:11 am

    It’s good Erin, it’s good.


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