Book Review: Losing Faith

10 Nov

Brie wants nothing to do with religion.  Her sister Faith wants everything to do with God. Though close in age and formerly close in heart, Brie and Faith are as different as night and day and Brie would like to keep it that way.  Until Faith meets an untimely, suspicious death, and Brie is forced to face the reality of her sisters secret life.

Filled with confrontation and the tackling of touchy subjects such as religious cults and grief, Losing Faith shines a light on the importance of family, honesty, and loving others well.

The plot and background to the plot of this novel are incredibly creative.  Author Denise Jaden has taken a leap of faith (no pun intended) in addressing the subject of religious cults.  The one she introduces in this novel is believable and well-constructed.  The fact that I was awestruck at the actions of the characters involved speaks volumes about her manner of description throughout the story.  Though the foreshadowing is quite obvious, I consider this a necessary aspect of the novel, in order to keep from extreme drama in the end.

Brie’s character, while frustrating in the beginning, does bring resolve in the end.  Her lackadaisical, selfish attitude just disgusted me, especially in the light of her saintly sister.  The situation that Brie finds herself in, however, allows her to change and transform into a character you cannot help but root for.  Her parents, on the other hand, are dry and lifeless.  While the story is focused on Brie and her actions, I do wish the parents could have been a little more dynamic.  Understandably, they are grieving the loss of their favorite daughter, but their involvement could have brought a lot more to the story.

Be prepared for some conflict within yourself if you choose to pick up Losing Faith.  The author tackles tough, necessary issues that we could all stand to take some time considering.

This novel is my first read in the Contemps Challenge, as well as my fifth read in the Canadian Reading Challenge.

Losing Faith

by Denise Jaden

Published by Simon Pulse

September 2010


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