Book Review: Sisters Red

29 Oct

Scarlett and Rosie March are sisters on a mission, connected deeply by both death and life.  Scarlett is considered the more passionate, risk-taking sister, but Rosie feels obligated and indebted to her sister for what has occurred in their past.  Through the help of their family friend, Silas, the two sisters hunt Fenris, werewolves that are seemingly taking over the country by devouring women everywhere.  Their continuous hunt for Fenris takes them to the city of Atlanta and it is there where their loyalty and courage are challenged.

A modern twist on the classic fairy tale, “Little Red Riding Hood,” Sisters Red is a haunting, action-packed novel about the ties of family and the fate that lies outside our own hands.  Told in alternating POV, from Scarlett to Rosie and back again, the voice and character of each sister shines through, as well as the role and character of Silas.  Jackson Pearce succeeds in the difficult task of separating the characters of the two sisters, yet still emphasizing the loyalty and love between the two, making their actions and the ending of the novel very believable.  In the beginning, Silas seems to come out of nowhere with his awkward interactions with Rosie, but his character gets smoothed over as the book continues on.

This being my first novel about Fenris, I found myself fascinated with the beings themselves, their actions and emotions as individuals and in packs.  Again, the author has made their society and mission  believable, piecing together all aspects of their world.  The novel contains a fair amount of action, conflict and romance, keeping the reader entertained in all aspects of the story.  Sisters Red is not one to miss this season.

Sisters Red

by Jackson Pearce

Published by Little, Brown

June 2010

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