Read-Along: Redeeming Love

24 Oct

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is a very important book in my life, having read it a few times at key points of struggle.  At this time of my life, I am feeling the desire to re-read it and wanted to invite my friends and readers to join with me in reading it together.  Never having hosted a read-along before, this is definitely a bit out of my comfort zone, but I really want to give it a try.  For those of you that are not familiar with the book, it is a Christian fiction novel, the main character being a prostitute during the Gold Rush of the 1850’s.  The prostitute is rescued from her life of desperation and numbness by a local farmer who hears the voice of God telling him to rescue the woman.  Their life together is met with much struggle and confusion.  With parallels to the story of Hosea in the Bible, it is an intense and touching depiction of the love that God has for us.  A rather long novel, it clocks in at 464 pages.

For those of you who choose to read this book with me, the communication will be through e-mail, with me providing the discussion questions for everyone.  Ideally, I would like to have 5-6 participants, but definitely at least 2 others besides myself.  We will take the reading fairly slow, hoping to finish the novel in 2-3 months.  If you would like to join the read-along, leave a comment below or send me an email at  If you need more information on the book, click the cover to the left and it will take you through to Amazon.




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3 responses to “Read-Along: Redeeming Love

  1. Larissa

    October 24, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    I will read along!

  2. Amy Hervey

    October 25, 2010 at 6:10 am

    Yes, yes! I will do it! You know, this is my very favorite book.

  3. Tiffany

    October 25, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    I read this book several years ago – it is a great one! If I hadn’t just started a book…and didn’t have 2 bible studies going, I’d join you!


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