#76 Out of the Dust (Post #2)

21 Oct

For those of you that missed my first post on Out of the Dust, please click here.  Now, on to the next poem I would like to share with you. . .


A volcano erupted in Hawaii.


It threw huge


into the air,

the ground shook,

and smoke

choked everything in its path.

. . . sounds a little

like a dust storm.

First of all, I love that the author could include a bit of sarcasm and wit amongst the dark voice of the main character, Billie Jo.  As you read this novel, it would be fairly easy to get weighed down by the hopelessness of the family’s situation.  This poem was a short reprieve from that.

Also, I love the geographical aspect of this verse.  What I gain from the verse, as a reader, is that tragedy can strike anywhere.  No matter where a person or family or city is located geographically, we are all prone to disaster, whether that be emotionally or physically.  No one can shelter themselves from trouble.

Out of the Dust

by Karen Hesse

Originally published in 1997

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