Thoughts on Twilight

04 Oct

At the beginning of the summer, my fourteen-year-old cousin forced the book Twilight into my hands, telling me that I had no option but to read it because she loves it so much.  Unfortunately, it sat on my bookshelf for a few months, survived the move to our new apartment, and sat on the bookshelf for a few months still, only to be picked up this week and read for the first time by myself.

This post is in no manner a review, only the incoherent thoughts of a first-time reader.  To be honest, this is not only my first time reading Twilight, but my first time reading a vampire book of any sort.  Call me a bad book blogger, but it’s true, my readers.  It’s not that I am against vampires or werewolves or witches (I’m a big Harry Potter fan), but it just does not seem to my first subject of choice to read or write about. Nonetheless, I am happy with my decision to try out the genre, and will probably pick up a few more books on vampires each year from now on.

My first impression with Twilight comes with the fact that I could not put it down.  I finished it in just two nights and was entertained the entire time.  Even though it is 500 pages long, it surely does not seem that long because the storyline is engaging.

The romance aspect of the novel just got my heart a-flutter.  Edward is creepily adoring of Bella and has such depth of life that we get to see a bit of throughout the novel.  His enthrallment with her carries the novel and its plot.

Bella however, was rather dull.  She  infuriated me with her passivity and annoyed me with her lack of uniqueness.  Yes, she rebels against the “popular” kids and puts her life in the hands of a family of vampires, but other than that. . . boring.  And it is because of this fact that I will not continue on with the series.  Thank you, Kelsey, for forcing me to venture into the world of vampires and their romantic ideals.

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One response to “Thoughts on Twilight

  1. Tiffany

    October 4, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    I loved the Twilight series 🙂 Vampires really aren’t my thing either…but I had to go with it since they were rated so highly!


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