Library Find (2)

28 Sep

As mentioned in my first Library Find, I have started a new feature in which I choose a book from my public library’s “New Books” shelves that I have not heard anything about, but looks interesting, to share here with you, my readers.

Today’s library find is a non-fiction book about oceans and their creatures.  Published by National Geographic, it is full of beautiful color photos of everything from sea turtles to orca whales.  The writing is absolutely fabulous, very informative and perfectly placed among the photos.  While some younger readers may get bogged down by the large paragraphs, the photos and arrangement of each page is bound to keep their attention, especially if a parent, sibling or teacher volunteers to read with them.

Being a geographer myself (I think I have mentioned that fact about a million times), I am partial to non-fiction books such as these.  Even if you are an accountant, a waitress, a football coach or a fourth grade boy that loves Playstation and food fights, OCEANS is bound to entertain and leave you wanting to know more about the creatures and happenings of the world’s oceans.  See if you can find this book at your local library!

OCEANS: Dolphins, sharks, penguins, and more!

by Johnna Rizzo

Published by National Geographic Children’s Books

March 2010

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Posted by on September 28, 2010 in Book Review, Library Find, Non-Fiction


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