#84 The Little White Horse

13 Sep

Young Maria Merryweather, recently orphaned and sent to live with her uncle, is enthralled with Moonacre Manor and its residents, secrets and magic.  As she spends more time there and learns something new every day about the history of the manor and its town, she knows that she must do something to bring life and light back to the area and the people living there.

As I began reading The Little White Horse, I was simply amazed by the prose of author Elizabeth Goudge.  It seemed as if every other passage needed marking because of the beautiful writing that it contained.  I refrained from marking every other passage and decided to share just a few with you all.

“Last night, she had not seen it properly, but now the light flooding in through the western windows, and the light of the log-fire in the grate, revealed it to her in all its pleading beauty.  For it was a lovely little room, but a room that was obviously never used.  And it wanted to be used.  Every lovely thing in it was simply crying out to be used; only, as this was a lady’s room, and no female had set foot in Moonacre Manor for twenty years, the cries had not been heard. . . But they were heard now. . .”

And her use of metaphors added so much to the novel:

“Merryweather Bay was shaped like a crescent moon.  Beautiful rocky cliffs, full of caves, enclosed a little beach of coloured pebbles, and then a strip of golden sand scattered over with rocks that held pools of scarlet sea anemones, and shells, and coloured seaweeds like satin ribbon.  Beyond the bay the sea was deep blue, flecked with white-capped waves that looked like galloping horses, hundreds of white horses stretching to the horizon in a glory of sparkling light that made Maria want to shout aloud for the very wonder of it.”

Now that being said, I have to admit that I didn’t walk away loving this book.  There seemed to be a little too much description for very little plot and I ended up confused as to what exactly was going on.  But props to the author for being eloquent in her writing.

The Little White Horse

by Elizabeth Goudge

Originally published in 1946


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