Library Find (1)

24 Aug

At my local library, like most libraries, there is an area in the junior fiction section and in the young adult section that holds new books.  These may not be newly published books, but newly acquired books for my library.  Every time I visit my library, I always glance through these titles to see if any names or authors stand out to me.  But mostly I like to find books and authors I have not heard about, to see if they might be worth checking out.  This ritual has inspired a new feature at The Literary Wife, that I will (uncreatively) title “Library Find.”  I am all about highlighting underdogs and unknowns.  I mean, how often do find a diamond (book) in the rough by simply searching and being open-minded?  I don’t foresee Library Find being a weekly feature, but definitely a regular one.

The first of my library finds, DWEEB by Aaron Starmer, was not a huge disappointment.  A funny yet inspiring teen boy novel, DWEEB brings together 5 students, all skilled in different areas, including running, computer programming and negotiating.  All five boys find themselves trapped in the basement of their school, held hostage by their seemingly crazy dictator of a vice principal.  They are forced to put their skills together to escape and save their school.

Sound a little far-fetched?  Definitely.  Sound super fun?  Definitely.  DWEEB will not be making any award nomination lists or top seller lists, but it comes highly recommended by myself for those that have teen boys in which you have to pull teeth to get to read.  Because of the assortment of characters, every boy will find a character to relate to, even if that character may not be highly developed in the book.  The plot moves quickly, keeping the reader entertained, even though it may not quite fit together all of the time.


by Aaron Starmer

Published October 2009

Delacorte Press


3 responses to “Library Find (1)

  1. Amanda

    August 24, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    I’m going to love this feature! Great idea!


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