jane austen’s fight club

31 Jul

This summer, my husband and I have been watching or re-watching his top 10 movies of all time.  So far, we have only gotten through 5 with only a few weeks left in the summer, but nonetheless, it’s been fun all around.  Here is the list of his top 10:

  1. Apocalypse Now
  2. Fight Club
  3. Snatch
  4. Pulp Fiction
  5. Sin City
  6. The Dark Knight
  7. Boondock Saints
  8. Garden State
  9. Crash
  10. Rounders

Why am I posting this list, you ask?  To prove fact #1.  My husband loves Fight Club.  And to introduce fact # 2.  My husband despises Jane Austen.  Oh, the irony, when I found this video (thanks to many blogger friends), allowing these two facts to collide head-on.  Oh, and just to note, if you haven’t seen Fight Club, this video won’t make much sense.

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Posted by on July 31, 2010 in Married Life


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