#93 Caddie Woodlawn

18 Jul

Caddie Woodlawn is the story of author Carol Ryrie Brink’s grandmother’s life as a pioneer girl in Wisconsin.  A Newbery Medal-winning book, it is most deserving of its accolades and awards.  A similar setting to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s life, but with quite a different main character, this book is full of wonderful prairie experiences.  From playing pranks on their visiting cousin, to stopping a fire from destroying their schoolhouse, Caddie and her brothers have quite the time enjoying life as pioneers.  Caddie is quite mischievous and is given the freedom to roam around and explore, during a time when most young girls would be staying home and learning to cook, clean and mend clothing.  The character of her parents is astounding, as they teach their children to be caring and independent young people.

In a time and age where children are very rarely left to explore and roam around their own neighborhoods, reading about Caddie and her siblings was refreshing.  Oh, to live in a time where helping to plow the family fields was considered a privilege and entertainment consisted of listening to your older brother’s stories.  I hope that when I do become a mother, that I will be willing to let my children be mischievous and explore, and that I will teach them what it truly means to be a young woman or man.

Caddie Woodlawn

by Carol Ryrie Brink

Originally published in 1935


4 responses to “#93 Caddie Woodlawn

  1. Tiffany

    July 18, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Kids definitely need the freedom to be mischievous & explore! I have a feeling that’s exactly the type of mom you will be 🙂 Thanks for my note – it was fun to get some personal mail 🙂

  2. Susan

    July 18, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    I’m still a few behind you, currently up to The Witches…Caddie Woodlawn was a favorite of mine as a child. Brink’s other books are also good, I have fond memories of Baby Island and The Pink Hotel. There is a sequel to Caddie once called Magical Melons that has had a title change that I can’t recall at the moment.


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