#99 The Indian in the Cupboard

10 Jun

A magical story involving a boy, a cupboard, a key and plastic toys, The Indian in the Cupboard is definitely on my recommendation list for young boys to read.  At the start of the book, Omri celebrates his birthday and receives many gifts, including an old cupboard and a plastic Indian.  He soon discovers that he can turn his plastic toys into real miniature people using a special key and the cupboard gifted from his brother.  While it may seem like an odd premise, the storyline continues to peak interest and we see Omri continue to mature throughout his experience.  The fact that it takes Omri’s imagination and his plastic toys to bring him to maturity in his young age is brilliant on the part of the author, Lynne Reid Banks.

Now a bit on the movie version.  Acting was sub-par.  Background accompanying music was too much and a tad predictable.  Definitely discrepancies occur from the book to the film.  However, seeing Omri’s story being played out before you does help you understand how he grew up through the decisions he was forced to make with and for his formerly plastic friends.

Now I have to decide whether I want to re-read the rest of the books in the “series.”  What are your thoughts?

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