just checking in

04 Jun

Hey there 48 HBCers!  I am eleven hours into my reading challenge and I have just finished my second book.  Initially, I thought I would have more read, but that’s okay, I’m happy with my progress.  First book that I finished was The Indian in the Cupboard, #99 on the Top 100 Children’s Books and part of my yearly blogging challenge.  What an imaginative and well-written story!  I especially liked the relationships between Omri and his brothers, but more about that later.  My second book conquered was Numbers by Rachel Ward.  Most definitely a disappointment, this one was.  The plot was great and creative and the background and history of the characters well-thought-out, but the story just didn’t flow for me and was rudely interrupted by the vast amount of curse words.  Now, this is a young adult novel, so a few are expected, but I believe I am just not used to the British vocabulary and the increased use of curse words.  Anyway, on to the next book on my list, also #98 on the Top 100 list, Children of Green Knowe.

Total hours participated: 11

Total hours of reading: 8.5

Total hours “socializing”:  1 +

Books read:  2

Cups of coffee drank:  0 (but that will soon change)

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One response to “just checking in

  1. MotherReader

    June 5, 2010 at 7:04 am

    I’m not doing my fastest reading either so far. But I’ve been lucky to get a good run of books, so I’m happy. Have a great reading day!


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