book review: the best and hardest thing

26 May

Molly Biden is described by her classmates as “saintly” and “nice” and she wants to change that.  With the help of her best friend, she makes drastic adjustments to her appearance and gains the attention of the token hottie and bad boy of the school.  When things get out of hand and her ambitions go a little far, she finds herself pregnant and having to make the decision of a lifetime.

Author Pat Brisson tells this timeless tale through the use of poetic form, which does limit the character development somewhat.  It is apparent that Brisson has done plenty of research and practice with different types of poetry, and that fact allows us to see Molly through different “eyes” throughout the novel.  I was drawn to this novel because of my life history, being born my dad’s senior year in high school and having knowledge of the struggles that my parents went through, but eventually was a bit disappointed in the cliche storyline that the author has created for Molly.  The message that novel gets across to the reader is a good one, but the depth is just a bit lacking.

The Best and Hardest Thing

by Pat Brisson

Published by Viking (May 2010)


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