fancy macaroni

25 May

On the menu last night in the Keck household was what the Pioneer Woman calls “Fancy Macaroni.”  The first time I made this dish, I had a healthy yet aggravating rumble with the cheese sauce.  Even though it turned out edible and beautiful, I still ended the night frustrated with my lack of cooking ability.  This time around, however, I knew I was going to overcome that lactose-filled, fatty yet oh-so-delightful sauce.  And I did!  Well, maybe not quite, but I have to admit that it covered the rotini a whole lot better than last time and tasted even more delicious.  Behold, my homemade rotini and cheese!

Now, you will notice that mine does not contain bacon, as is directed by the Pioneer Woman.  The reasoning behind that stems from mine and my husband’s efforts to be “weekday vegetarians.”  I did add delicious sauteed onions to the cheese sauce, which most definitely added a lot of flavor.  And the hubby loves onions. . .

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Posted by on May 25, 2010 in Food, Married Life


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