book review: out of my mind

18 May

Eleven-year-old Melody was born with cerebral palsy and has never been able to utter a single word.  Diagnosed severely retarded as a child, Melody and her parents know that her mind has not been limited at all by her handicap.  Melody is itching to turn her thoughts into words and to be able to express the intelligence that no one seems to think she actually has.  Finally, with the help of a Meditalker, Melody is given the chance to show the world exactly who she is.

Published in a simple style, with not many bells and whistles attached, this book has already been given rave reviews because of the incredible voice that Sharon M. Draper has given the main character.  Melody is the kind of girl that most anyone can relate to, but very few, if any, can completely understand.  We all will experience a time when we are not able to express ourselves entirely, but the hindrance placed on Melody’s life by her disease, is irreversible and unavoidable.  Yet the author has provided hope to the character’s life through real, attainable measures.  Every reader will be cheering Melody on as she sets out to prove just how wrong the people in her life are.

Out of My Mind

by Sharon M. Draper

Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers


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