video sunday

16 May

I will confess that I didn’t exactly “stumble upon” this video, as it’s been all over the interwebs this week, and the kid made an appearance on the Ellen show already, but I wanted to share this video because I think he is a magnificent singer.  Here is sixth grader Greyson Chance covering the ever-so-shocking Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.”

For those of you who didn’t know, this week was finals week for Kansas State University students, finals of which my husband was participating in (he graduated this semester!).  Sometime during this week, over 2,500 students met at the library and participated in a rave, of which you will see a recap video below.  The video is a little long (the rave lasted over 15 minutes), but it’s worth it to watch all of it so you can see my friend Timmy (the one with the bullhorn), who organized everything, met with the dean of libraries to get it okayed and made sure nothing was irreparably damaged on the property.  You might also catch a glimpse of three KSU basketball players crowdsurfing. . .

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