48-Hour book challenge

13 May

MotherReader is again hosting a 48-Hour Book Challenge this year!  It will be my first time participating, but believe me, I am super pumped!  And this challenge will correspond with a special something of which I will be posting about on Friday!  And I love to use exclamation points!  !  !

Wow.  A little too much caffeine today.  Sorry about that.

Anyway, yes, MotherReader is hosting a 48-Hour Book Challenge lasting from 7 am on Friday, June 4th to 7am on Monday, June 7th.  Wait! you say.  That’s more than 48 hours.  Correctamundo, my friends.  All you do is choose a 48-hour window of time during those hours and read and blog as much as you can within the 48 hours you chose.  Deal?  Okay, moving on.  More about that later.

The Children’s Book Council announced the winners of the Children’s Choice Book Awards for this year, in honor of Children’s Book Week this week.  The highlight of the winners for me is the Teen Choice Book of the Year in Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire, of which I happened to read in its entirety in a matter of a day.  Brilliant novel which is the sequel to The Hunger Games, also a breathtaking work of fiction.  Congratulations to Suzanne as she adds yet another award title to the perpetually growing list for this series.

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