pollen and panic

08 May

It’s time to get personal, folks.  For the past week, I have been experiencing random dizzy spells (for lack of a better word) and lightheadedness.  Last Saturday, I felt so dizzy, I had to have my friend Elizabeth come over and sit with me, for fear that I might pass out and no one would know.  Thursday at work, it got so bad that I had to excuse myself and go home at lunchtime.  As I left in tears, I started to panic, thinking about going to the doctor and being poked and prodded to see what was wrong with me.  You see, I have a pathological fear of needles.  This has been going on ever since the first time I had to have blood drawn and almost passed out.  By now, my fear is so great it’s not even funny to joke about or possible to be lighthearted about.  As I sat at home, weighing the pros and cons of visiting my family physician, I started to hyperventilate and shake, getting tingly feelings in my arms and legs, a sense of panic and loss of control.  However, my mom convinced me that I needed to visit the doctor, to make sure that I was okay.

Walking into the doctor’s office, I felt like passing out (the fear, again) thinking about possibly needing blood work.  But as my doctor explained what I was experiencing and informed me that I would not, in fact, need blood work that day, my heart rate started slowing down and my stomach began to rest easy.  Turns out that a lot of people have been experiencing a type of vertigo caused by allergens getting into the inner ear and blocking the cochlea, which controls your body’s balance.  Not such a big deal after all.  He wrote a prescription for an antihistamine and called it good.

Now, you would think this would be the end.  For me, apparently not.  I have spent the past two days wearing myself out blocking thoughts of needles and doctor visits.  Sleep has been a welcome remedy, as it is much easier to check out than try to deal with the nausea and shaking.  Trying to convince myself that needles are a helpful instrument and I will not, in fact, die from them, is no easy task.  Let’s hope for some light at the end of the tunnel.

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One response to “pollen and panic

  1. Amy Hervey

    May 8, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    You know you’ll have to overcome this fear of needles when you get pregnant. Not only during pregnancy, but when your kid has to get blood taken, vaccinations, or when the doctor numbs your child’s skin to then proceed to repeatedly stick them to sew stitches (twice now).

    On the other hand, I bet Steve isn’t scared of needles so maybe he’ll be the one to make the ER runs while you hyper-ventilate in the vehicle…

    Love you! 🙂


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