Wedding countdown

05 May

Tonight, my husband and I had the pleasure of hosting our friends Miranda and Jason for dinner.  Miranda and Jason are fun.  Miranda and Jason are engaged.  Miranda and Jason have been engaged for quite some time now.  Miranda and Jason are getting married in just 17 short days.  Chatting with them about their plans for the future and their upcoming honeymoon got me thinking.  Where was I just three weeks before my wedding day?  What was I doing with my time?  What thoughts were flying through my head?  For your reading pleasure, I have provided a short (well, short is a relative term) bulleted list of my conclusions.

Three weeks before my wedding. . .

  • Busy season at GTM was just wrapping up, so my daily call volume was slowly decreasing from about 80 to 40
  • Jane Fonda the Honda, my very prized (former) possession had been sold off a little earlier than expected, thanks to a small mishap involving a young man named D.J. and a certain highway ditch
  • My brother’s football season was wrapping up, much to my dismay, as I had enjoyed potluck meals in the parking lot and “talking football” with my mom
  • Invitations were frantically being assembled and addressed in my parents’ basement, as I was entertained by seasons of Law & Order and conversation with my brothers
  • Invitations, you might ask?  3 weeks before your wedding?  Well, here in the Keck family, we like to do things a little different.  My actual ceremony was family only and the reception (with a 600-person guest list!) was a few months afterward.  The aforementioned invitations were for the reception.  Glad we could clear that up.
  • As a daily commuter, I was one of “those” that drove ten below the speed limit, merely to save gas and quite possibly, to just be a nuisance
  • As my mother worked full time and I had an earlier work shift that she, I sometimes ended up helping with dinners and I slowly realized that I had no idea what I was doing in the kitchen
  • And of course, I was spending time with Steve, watching The Office, moving my stuff to our apartment, and making sure everything was in order for what turned out to be the best day of my life
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Posted by on May 5, 2010 in Married Life


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