I am. . .

02 May

I am a woman so riddled with emotions that life sometimes seems like a roller coaster, taking that slow, methodical chink-chink, chink-chink, up to the top of the hill, raising my hands in the air and feeling the wind in my hair as I plummet downwards, feeling the brakes beneath me as I hit bottom and a take a turn into the unknown.  My heart finds it easy to empathize with others at any point on this same roller coaster, but I also find myself at a loss for words in how to get them from the bottom to the top.  Tears have a frequent presence on my face, though are not always welcome.  My anger flares up as quickly as a fire in a gas can seconds after a match is thrown in.  Stress in my life sometimes reaches threat level, but is easily appeased through a strong cup of coffee, a meaningful conversation, or a good long cry.

I am a writer of sorts.  Not published or professional by any means, but I take pleasure in expressing myself through words and, in my opinion, am successful at communicating my thoughts in this way.  So often I have so many thoughts running through my head, I have to release them by writing or speaking.  And believe me, I am an external processor that has to release them.

I am a musician.  I took piano lessons for years and still enjoy plunking around on a keyboard or piano every now and then.  I have been playing guitar for six years or so, mostly just to accompany my voice and help me write songs, as my real passion is in singing.

I am a daughter, born just a few short months after my mother’s high school graduation and a few short months before my father’s eighteenth birthday.  I am a sister and the oldest child.  In my family, there are seventeen “Johnson” cousins and I am the oldest of that crew as well.  In this role, I find myself striving to be perfect in every aspect.  As a leader in my family, I feel that I must set the standard for living, giving hope to the younger ones of living a full and beautiful life.

I am a lover of God and all things good.  My journey through the heart of God has been complicated and interesting, but He has continually been good and provided me with the richness of life that I so long for.

I am a children’s literature enthusiast.  Part of it stems from being a former librarian, part of it probably stems from really enjoying that part of my life, those years of being an elementary schooler, without a care in the world except for which book to read next.  Very rarely will you find me in the “adult” section of the library, as I love plopping down in a comfy chair with a huge stack of picture books, or searching through the junior fiction for my next book series to conquer.

I am a newlywed.  My husband and I have been married for a little over five months now and are absolutely perfect for each other.  I love him more than anyone else in the world, which I suppose is how my heart was made to feel.

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Posted by on May 2, 2010 in Children's Books, Married Life


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  1. grassbeef

    May 5, 2010 at 1:44 am

    Love it Amber! Perfect description of you 🙂 – Tiffany & Aaron


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